anita bea

Anita Bae is a life long athlete.  She has been teaching fitness for over 18 years.  To Anita, exercise not only strengthens the body but also the mind.  She is a skilled instructor with advanced training in running, trx, powerstrike and barre.  Anita has completed 7 marathons (pr: 3:17) and 2 half-marathons (pr: 1:29).  With the love and support of her husband and her two college aged boys, she is thrilled at the opportunity to train and inspire others to find their ultimate fitness balance - mind, body and spirit.



amy westerby

Amy westerby has been teaching fitness classes at gyms around the country for the last 17 years.  She loves half marathons, triathlon sprints and 200-mile relay races with her family.  She's also a television news producer for cbs, an adjunct professor of journalism at Fordham university and the proud mom of two boys.




For over 16 years, Geniene has trained clients and taught group exercise classes in New York City, including classes in barre, dance and strength training.  Geniene's fitness expertise draws on her extensive dance training, that she received from Laguardia high school of performing arts, Jacob's pillow and the Joeffrey ballet.  Her experience in professional dance companies in and around New York City and her work in a physical therapy clinic have given her a true understanding and appreciation for strength and balance.  Geniene is a proud mother of three children, ages 9, 6 and 4.  Geniene is excited to bring her years of experience in dance and fitness to ardsley!




​Lori Laub -- I have been practicing barre for over a decade.  It has allowed me to transform my mind, body and spirit into the person I've always wanted to be; calmer, more focused and balanced.  I call this my "Fountain of youth". My body has caressed this method with such gentle ease and my flexibility and tonality reflect that.  The sense of well-being has carried over into my family life, as a wife to my incredible husband and mother to our two wonderful children. In class, we will have a soulful interaction.  It will be a place where you will be challenged; both mentally and physically.  My goal is to bring you longevity, youthfulness and inner calmness.




Cari Pattison has been a dancer since childhood, having regularly performed tap, jazz, and hip-hop.  Cari has earned certifications in a variety of fitness modalities; including jazzercise, pilates, barre and yoga.  Cari's favorite thing about teaching is helping people find joy and strength in their bodies.  A joyous body-mind-spirit connection empowers us to bring positive energy to ourselves and the world.




Maureen Henningson is a 10 year veteran of many, many HIIT and barre classes.  She is a busy mom of three.  Maureen taught second grade for several years before becoming a full-time mom.  A strong advocate of physical and emotional health, maureen firmly believes that an hour in class, as often as possible, is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family.  After being an amateur, yet seasoned, runner for many years and training in HIIT classes; maureen has completed two half marathons and various other races.  She is also a proud owner of an exceptionally cute rescue puppy named, lily.




Jordana Allen is a trained ballerina who studied at the school of American Ballet. She has danced the leading role of Marie in the nutcracker with the New York City Ballet.  She also danced with New York Dance Theater on long island. Jordana learned about the intricacies of the human body as part of her training to earn a masters of science degree in acupuncture and earning her license in massage therapy. Jordana brings her knowledge of anatomy into her classes, making them focused, energetic and motivating with lots of hands on adjustments.