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High Intensity Interval Training


This 1 hour intense interval class is a full body workout that focuses on cardio, endurance, and strength training - working your body from the inside out, strengthening your heart and lungs.  Whether you power walk, hike, jog or run, workouts will be based on your personal rate of exertion.  Intervals will challenge you and get your heart rate up through speed and/or incline.  Every workout will focus on strength, core and balance using a variety of equipment; including weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, therabands, bosu and trx bands.

HIIT class


The same as HIIT above, only a bit "lighter". Go at your own pace and make it as hard or as lite as you need!

Barre classes in Westchester


A remarkable, low impact, full body workout derived from ballet training to strengthen and lengthen your muscles.  A quintessential technique that focuses on arms, abs, thighs and glutes through small isometric movements which burn calories, builds muscle, and improves balance, coordination and flexibility.

Building strength class in Westchester


Rev up your metabolism, torch calories and burn serious fat with this strength training workout. Defy the aging process of losing muscle by building it! Perfect form and challenging weights will transform your body. 

Trampoline workout in Westcheste


Low impact - High intensity fun!!! This is a detoxification workout that stimulates your lymphatic system. Your lymph system is the largest "drain" in your body. bouncing aids in flushing toxins out of your body. This rebounding will increase more oxygen flow to all your 75 trillion cells. Bouncing will also strengthen your core and pelvic floor. Barre-Bounce will increase your "proprioception awareness"; your spatial relation in regards to movement. Bouncing is a cardio workout without the impact and barre is a beautiful, intense exercise that isolates movements - building long lean muscles! 

Cardio Barre class in Westchester


HIIT and Barre had a baby. Walking/hiking (no running) on the treadmill to up your cardio game. Light weight sequence to strength and tone arms. Barre thigh work (no explanation needed). Stretch. Barre seat work. Abs and core intensive. 

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